Moose Log Homes

Moose Log Homes have a full, round profile with saddle notched corners. They are double tongue and grooved. The tongue and groove keeps the logs in line without spikes or screws. Moose logs are fastened together with thru bolts. Thru bolts allow the logs to settle. We have NO SEPARATION between our logs. We precut the logs for ANY FLOOR PLAN. All we need if a floor plan, the size of your foundation, the location of the windows and doors with the manufacturers suggested rough opening sizes. The logs come lettered with a wall plan showing where each log goes. Included in the price is the use of a hoist to set the logs in place. Accessories such as thru bolts, foam tape and saddle gaskets, and PERSONAL, on site assistance getting you started. We have the lowest price in the country for full, round logs. Send us your plan and let us give you a price. 
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