Keycraft Garden Buildings

The family owned and operated business of Keycraft has established a reputation for quality, service and detail that is the envy of the UK's garden building industry. It's not surprising, therefore, that people from all parts of the East Midlands come to visit us.
When you step into the world of Keycraft you'll be amazed by the sheer choice of structures with a myriad of designs and functions.
Our purpose-built show-site in Hucknall is a great place to view a fabulous selection of garden furniture - summerhouses, sheds, timber workshops, garden offices, stables, dog kennels, potting sheds, aviaries and more. You'll also see concrete garages from Compton & Hanson Myrefield, greenhouses from AGL and Alton as well as metal sheds from Store More. Great products at keen prices. 
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